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John Sims is a Chicago-based entrepreneur and CEO. With nearly four decades of experience to his name, John has spearheaded over 100 successful start-up ventures, with the most recent being Black Onyx, a private hedge fund. 

The son of two successful Marriott hoteliers, John was exposed to the business world long before he had any intention of joining it. However, it did not take long for him to become intrigued by all of the small, moving parts that go into owning and operating multiple successful franchises. With this newfound fascination, John took seized every opportunity to learn more about leadership, operations, finance, and management. As a result, he chose to study Business Administration and Management in college and received his degree in the major.

Upon stepping into his first full-time position with the Marriott Corporation, John Sims’ tenacity and iron-clad work ethic became increasingly apparent to not only those around but above him. At just 21 years old, John had garnered the attention of Mr. Bill Marriott himself, who offered him the opportunity of a lifetime: a fast-track to management and the freedom to champion his career path from that point forward. John did not hesitate to accept, and soon found himself the Vice President of Marriott’s Operations Franchising Group. 

It was through overseeing the sales and marketing departments, spearheading financial training, and partnering with Morgan Stanley to develop the company’s IPO that John Sims first exercised the sharp business and strategic acumens he has continued to hone to this day. 

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Philanthropic Endeavors


Alongside his work, John is passionate about providing assistance to those in need. More often than not, he serves as an angel philanthropist, anonymously helping people achieve their dreams of gaining financial independence, pulling themselves out of debt, or fulfilling a final wish. John Sims is a compassionate man whose heart aches at the sight of struggling people who just want to provide for themselves or their families. 

As he believes in paying it forward, John pursues unique ventures that aid America’s youth in having the same access to all opportunities. Most notably, he leveraged his professional connections at major corporations to establish a fundraiser that enables all children in the city area to play sports free-of-charge, thus eliminating the “pay-to-play” structure that was failing to the point of shutting down entirely. Since then, the annual fundraiser has continued, raising over $60 million to benefit children who wish to play sports, instruments, and attend college in the future.

On this website, John Sims will emphasize the importance of philanthropy and provide inspiration for those who wish to become more involved in their communities. 

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